Weydeland Extra Matured wins a BRONS award!


During the World Cheese Awards 2010 in England, Weydeland extra matured won the bronze medal. This is an impressive accomplishment for our traditional cheese! The World Cheese Award is the most important cheese contest in the world in which 201 jury members test more than 2600 cheeses. Definitely a special occasion when one of your cheese wins a medal.

During the BBC Good Food Show, end of November, cheeses were tested and the cheeses with the highest scores received the bronze, silver, and gold medals. The bronze medal given to Weydeland is proof of the good quality and excellent taste of this unique cheese.

The ingredient for success in this is the fresh milk from Dutch cows, which spend as much time as possible grazing outside. The result is the soft and creamy taste of Weydeland. In the Midden-Beemster (Northern Holland) at the cheese maker the Weydeland cheese is made. Following the traditional methods does this. After two weeks the cheese leaves the factory and is brought to the Weydeland warehouse to mature. Every cheese has its own place here and receives the love it needs to mature to the taste, which has made Weydeland special.