With love for human


Weydeland cheese is made and matured with love for cow, human and nature through an honest and sustainable process. In this way, every generation might continue to enjoy our delicious cheese.

The farmers are also a focal point in the process. Knowledge about sustainability is expected from them as well as practicing sustainable business practices. By rewarding their efforts in these areas, a healthy and sustainable business can be build.

An honest price

When the milk is picked up from the farmer, the fat- and protein percentages are determined in order to decide the quality of the milk. The farmer is rewarded for high quality milk and is paid a fair price for his milk. In this way, the farmers are encouraged to deliver high quality milk and receive an honest pay.

Knowledge of Sustainability

Every year the cheese makers organize multiple workshops in order to educate the farmers on sustainable business. During the workshops, the farmers are given tools and advice in order to help make their business more sustainable. In order to ensure this result, sharing experiences and knowledge is important. Cheese makers reward farmers for reaching goals in the area of sustainability. We are proud to be partners with them.