With love for nature


Weydeland cheese is made and matured with love for cow, human and nature through an honest and sustainable process. In this way, every generation might continue to enjoy our delicious cheese.

With love for nature

The Dutch countryside is known for their outstretched pastures with cows. This picture needs to last so the next generation can enjoy this wonderful sight. However, in order for this sight to be preserved the cows must remain grazing in the pastures. We believe this to be a good practice. We believe that good land management means sustainable management with regards to nature as well as the general environment.

Green Passport farms

Farmers are committed to use as much as possible natural resources for the management and running of their business. By using the cow manure in a wise way, they can harvest healthy nutritious grass for the cows. A healthy soil is created in which the need for artificial fertilizers is reduced to a minimum. Also less concentrate feed is needed reducing the environmental footprint. Furthermore, many farmers now have their own wind turbines generating green electricity and actually selling the surplus to the electricity companies. In Holland, we use a ‘green passport’ system to measure the impact of a farm on the environment and as a tool to continue to improve in its green management.

‘Green’ transportation

In order to bring the milk in a sustainable manner to the cheese maker, we work hard to reduce the CO2 emission per kg of milk. One way is by increasing the amount of milk being transported per truck. Our cheese makers have the “Lean and Green” certificate as they are continuously aiming to reduce the greenhouse gasses.

‘CO2 neutral’ – cheese

Our cheese makers make use of green energy and conserve water as much as possible. In this way, ‘CO2 neutral’ cheese is made.

Natural maturing process

In the maturing process, nature is left to do her work. In this way, the cheese develops a unique taste by itself. The cheeses lay on wooden boards in the warehouse where the temperature and moisture levels are kept constant. Due to a deep underground maturing room and storage room less energy is consumed to maintain the temperature, especially in the summer. The heat produced by compressors in the system is used to increase the air temperature, discarding the need for gas use.