History Weydeland cheese

Weydeland cheese finds its origins in the 80s of the 20th century, when the family Treur build her third warehouse next to the river the Oude Rijn in Woerden. Found in the “Green Heart” of Holland in the polder ‘The Weylandt’, the cheese came to obtain its name: Weydeland. The daughter of E.M. Treur, Barry, made the first label for Weydeland cheese by hand. And so the symbol was born: a window looking out on the green pastures with cows and a round of cheese.

Weydeland stands for:

North-Holland cheese quality

Weydeland cheese is made by the best cheese makers who have more than 100 years of experience. Made by traditional methods with passion for the art, Weydeland cheese is found to be: pure, honest and delicious.

Authentic flavour

Weydeland cheeses remind you of ‘the flavour of the past’. Thanks to the authentic methods of cheese making and the secret of maturing, the Weydeland cheese continues to bring back the taste of cheeses from the past. Creamy, rich and with a uniqueness that causes delight for the cheese lovers.

Special story

Making a cheese with a marvellous taste sounds easy, but is really an art in itself. Experience, flavour development and finding the best milk for the cheeses give Weydeland her unique distinction. Because of special collaboration with the farmer, the cows, and the land, a cheese can be made which can enjoyed by generation after generation.

A distinctive cheese

An individual rich taste and a particular malleability make Weydeland cheese the most delicious cheese from the Netherlands. With a thin coating, the cheese is easy to use and even more appetizing.