The secret of maturing cheese

Making supreme Weydeland cheese is not only a special trade for the cheese maker, but the maturing process is delicate and influences the final taste. This is the secret behind the Weydeland cheese.

Maturing is a process changing the taste and structure of the cheese over time. The longer the maturing process of the cheese, the more intense and strong the taste of the cheese becomes. The cheese becomes more crumbly. The changes in the cheese do not go as fast as you might expect, but as weeks and months go by the changes become very apparent.

The maturing process of the Weydeland cheese occurs in a natural manner. A few elements cause Weydeland cheese to have its unique taste.

Constant temperature

The constant temperature in the warehouse is needed for the cheese to mature at its own rate. If the temperature is too high, the cheese looses her best flavour. A low temperature prohibits the cheese from changing at all, while loosing moisture.

Relative humidity

A constant level of humidity makes certain the cheese doesn’t dry out or mould on the outside. During the maturing process a cheese will loose moisture, but because of the bacteria, the crust will meld if the air humidity is too high.

Good air circulation

To make sure that the moisture is taken away during the maturing process, a constant air circulation is needed. This will prevent meld growth on the outside of the cheeses. To ensure bacteria do not get a chance to become active, air is blown around the cheese at various intervals.

Wooden boards

As long as can be remembered, cheese has been matured on wooden boards. Wood absorbs moisture, which helps the cheese mature well. The moisture that leaves the cheese enters the board.

Every now and then, the cheese is turned over to ensure that it will not loose its form and that the salt will spread evenly throughout the cheese. The board is also cleaned in the process and the cheese is put on a clean dry place. Young Weydeland cheese is approximately turned 3x a week. Older cheeses only need to be turned once every three weeks as their moisture content is lowered and the cheese are firmer. When the cheeses are turned they are also sprayed with a special layer of protective coating. This coating ensures that the cheese is able to breath during maturing.

All these elements ensure that the Weydeland cheese is especially malleable and develops a unique rich taste. This authentic taste is as tasty as the traditional cheeses of the past. That is the secret of Weydeland.