Weydeland Meadow cheese

A special cheese, which is only available in May and June, is the Weydeland Meadow Cheese. This cheese is even more creamy and softer than the Young Weydeland.


Meadow cheese is made with the milk the cows give after grazing outside for the first time at the end of the winter. The moment of entering the pastures is often combined with a ‘cow-dance’. Out of pure joy, the cows do not know how fast to enter the pastures and crazily jump around.

The young first grass in spring season is the best grass the cows get during the year. It contains a high level of carotene, which gives the cheese a deeper yellow colour. Also, the grass contains more vitamins, which is healthy for the cow. Due to higher and softer unsaturated fat in the milk, the cheeses are also smoother in texture.