Where does the milk come from


The milk for our Gouda cheese is brought from the farms in North of Holland. The farms in this area have one of the best pastures of Holland: excellent green grass for our cows. In the summer, our cows graze outside as much as possible. The cows are allowed to enjoy the fresh air and healthy grass from spring till late into autumn. They graze a minimum of 120 days for approximately 6 hours each day. Because of the high vitamin concentration in the grass, the milk tends to be creamier than in other areas of Holland. This makes our cheeses unique.

In order for us to have the best quality and most delicious milk possible, the cows need the right feed and care.

Grass is the cow’s favourite feed and important for obtaining milk. A cow eats approximately 60 kg grass in one day. Besides eating grass, cows also eat corn, pulp and beer brush. To complement and strength its health, soy, grains and citrus fruits are also added. The Dutch clay soil results in healthy grass with high nutritional value. As a result of all this, our cows give the most delicious and creamy milk we could hope for. This makes our cheese even better.

Taking good care for our cows is also of vital importance.  Not just because we love our cows, believe in good animal management and treatment, but also in order to get the best results from our most important resource. Our farmers are committed and motivated to take excellent care of our cows. Every farmer knows the steps to quality care of the cows and their environment.  They have been trained and have acquired the skills needed to produce ‘honest’ milk. And who can complain? Healthy cows also give better quality milk. It is a win-win situation for land, cow and people, including you as our esteemed customer.